Welcome to Touching Light – Spiritual Alchymie-  Support for your Transformation and Shift in Consciousness.

We invite you to experience a miraculous and life changing possibility. 





We offer a range of Alchymeic consultations and workshops to support you to achieve Wellbeing, Transformation and ultimately, Happiness in your life. 

We all have an intuition that there is more to who and what we are beyond body and mind…. we are multidimensional structures that coincide with the cosmos. The whole body is the cosmos, all of the extended form of the universe, therefore we have to work with the whole to achieve change.

Mind is an Activity, Change the Activity, Change your Life

Dis-ease that arises in your being is created from emotions and thoughts, resulting in structures and patterns of behavior (habits), beliefs, limitations and relationships that are not serving. You are awakened to recognise how you create all that occurs in your life due to the karmic patterning within your being, assisting you then, to dissolve these patterns.

You can begin to align to ‘mindless embodiment’ which is the disposition of Love, transcendent of all reactions.


You are Supported in an Understanding and Compassionate environment

We create the space in which you are given the possibility to transform your life by dissolving your patterns and structures (energy blockages) beyond stress and all that stress creates and then you begin to awaken to the true form of reality, which is Love Itself, you learn to live as Love and Happiness.

Together we will choose the appropriate Product for you that may assist in your Transformation. We facilitate the process of change in people from many walks of life, many conditions and challenges.

Then there are others who are seeking a greater meaning to their lives, to move beyond searching for Happiness and simply awaken in the Remembrance of Happiness.

There is an Alchymie that takes place within your own Being (spelt alchymie not alchemy, to differentiate it from early chemistry). This transformative proces is facilitated by Peaches Land using her experience of 25 years in the field of facilitating Spiritual Transformation for people from all walks of life and now using Products from Hermes Far Eastern Shining, a company that supports Alchymeic Transformation with people all over the world.

In this site you will also find a ‘treasure trove’ of artifacts that are imbued with an Alchymeic current to allow us the given opportunity to change as our Hearts truly open. To find out more about how Peaches can assist you please browse through this site or Contact Us to discuss your individual needs.

What is Alchymie (What is Alchemy?)

‘Alchymie is a mystical transformation of celestial proportions that is charaterised by slow and steady heat.  Alchymie is constantly tended through steady discipline to enact what is truly a miraculous transformation of mankind into God.‘ (Jessa O’ My Heart from The Will Of God is The Obligation to Love)


Embrace Change
Awaken a deeper level of Intuition and Psychic capacity
Unlock karmic patterns and tendencies that limit your life
Ignite your birthright to live as manifest Abundance
Align and Balance your chakra system
Discover and delight in Hermetic Meditation
Come Alive and Live As Happiness